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Toward the Thornfields

From the Abode of Demons;

A Wing of the Pentagram,

Comes the Juice that Painted

My Heart and My Soul

Swept in Black they are

Swept in Black I am

From this Soul Come the Eyes

that will look upon your Ten

Beautiful Heads with Delight.

My Heart is The One

that will tend to Your Flames

and Make them Mine.

We share this Spirit -

My Heart is Yours...

I am Your Disciple

and therefore my own.

Your Weapon I Will Be

with the Demons that Possess me.

We'll Ride the seven Sins of Death

that takes me to Katharsis.

The sign of Your Horns

is My Dearest Vision.

They Impale all holy and Weak

You watch me face the Mirror

and see Desecration.

With My Art I am the Fist

in the face of god.


Toward the Thornfields / Darkthrone

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