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Earths Last Picture

We sail the seas, of negativity

to banish kindness from this place

(Sans scruples, sans humility)

To behold the fierceness of wolves

assailing ye saints thoroughly

(Sans love, sans compassion)

To behold the wails of thine in affright

whilst evil preyeth upon thy hearts

(Sans warmth, sans pity)

To behold a world, darkly astir

rising in madness and mystery

(sans light, sans life)

Would ye not rather fall into pleasant reverie

Than to tremble amidst, this old memory?

Alas for the damned thou art...now ye behold!

Tis the rise of satanic divinity...

Oh we rejoice at the destruction

of all ye have ever lived for...

Hark! as lands tremble, and empires fall

Ye may hear us laugh with sardonic wrath

(tis the voices from the past)

Aye we can not mourn, for

never morrow shall dawn

World without end...


Earths Last Picture / Darkthrone

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