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 Slayer SlayerАмериканская трэш-метал группа.

Cleanse The Soul

Body that rest before me,
With every dying breath,
Spellbound and gagged,
I commence your flesh to dirt.

Body that lay before me,
In everlasting death.
Entombed in abcess,
To rot and lie stinking in the earth.

Lead: King

Empty altar awaits its victims
Stained glass windows black.
Candles burn the midnight oil,
Incense fills the night.

Observing trance awaking state
Lying still unknowing.
Reciting the passages of time
Prepare for the impaling.

Lead: Hanneman

Deaths an art, flesh and earth never part,
A power of the mind.
Death shines on the air of silence,
A ritual of endless time.

Purged of your dead body.
Sacrificed of your life.
Unearthy ritual sealed in fire.
Enter the kingdom of desire.

Lead: King


Cleanse The Soul / Slayer

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