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A Charm For Sound Sleeping

My loveless eyes, they gaze on thee

They break the crystal of the sea

That smile for which my feelings sigh

This pain could teach us how to die

Your heart once left thus desolate

Must fly at least for ease to hate

So many summer flowers there

So many shadows love might share

Love's image upon earth without its wings

I feel relief when sorrows flows

My days though few have passed below

Dark tree, still sad when other's grief is fled

Grasped in the holy hands of mystery

So beautyful shine, dark eyes flashing free

Last eve in beauty's circle proudly gay

Let thy scattered shafts of light play

Sleep at noon with branches overground

You can't enliven dying man for

God takes back his gift

Beat the twilight into flakes of fire

Glow with the glow that slowly crimsoned au

Through all memory I found a way

I walked in throughts, today they walk in me


A Charm For Sound Sleeping / Darkseed

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