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Souls Of Led Blackness

my soul gave birth to bleeding-purple skies

my heart is steaming with deadly, soilent lust

well of furious mind made pictures of unnatural mights

commanding my will

moved by nameless chants and the breath of eternal mights

ruling this earth

cities painted in flames

with the horror piling the eons

of godless creations

gods crashing down saint harps smashed to pieces

with blasphemic rhymes

I shall deny all powers on earth

for they are only nothing from nothing in real

fire I bring and light to the world you live in

for your souls are hopelessly lost

lowered by sin

again I shall rise

you fools, how small you are just in confronts to me

I decide on all of your fate

resisting to all

for my will is the strenghth and the power to call

I arise enlightening your souls of led blackness

for nothing is real

lowered by sin...

nothing restrains my power of will

not being a dog having to bow

I am I will I create am nothing and all

space and time

body and soul

lowered by sin...

on wings of freedom I fly not being a bird in the skies above

on through your souls I crawl

not being a snake, having to crawl

power enlightens the souls of led blackness

breaking your will

follow the roots of power and you will be just

forgotten ones


Souls Of Led Blackness / Darkseed

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