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Hold Me

[DIGI Bonus]

Leaves all night and day

Clouds with colors grey

But I still delight

Mirror's magic sight

When the moon is overhead

I cross nights forever sad

Snow and fire-love I see

Love I see

I use my brain, now I see

The wild stream brought me far away

Witchcraft's aim is what I need

Rivers drowning lands

Paleness, swan-like ends

Wandrers searching light

From morn to night

And I grew both deaf and blind

Damned to leave - unskilled to find

Dark shores no ships has ever seen

Ever seen

The leaves upon my fallen life

Before I reached the calling side

Reading magic books I died

Hold me - hold me

to reach heaven, not hell

Free me - free me

from cold eyes' farewell

Hold me - hold me

is my wisdom here?

Free me - free me

from my deep, dark fear


Hold Me / Darkseed

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