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You Will Come

I seek for You, take my leave, so fare You well

I lost all hopes, truth may come to light and die

And for my love I pray You, wrong me not

Let us all ring fancy's bell, ding, dong, bell!

Such as I am now for myself alone

My eyes still look, look as swift as Yours

I pray You cure my mind that's drenched with blood

A dancing heart, but not for joy

No power in the tongue of man

My deeds upon my head crushing

head crushing mad,"God sort it all"

You shall deem Yourself loaged in my heart

Sick is my head, let it bleed, desire to die!

I will lend You sorrow, borrow none

I never serve Your mind, I say "no way"!

"Remember You were mine,

'cause You obeyed my wine

My favour stopped to bleed,

over now my greed!"

And You will come, I never serve Your mind

And You will come and leave Your world behind

"I fly away by night, to higher steps of might

The thorns You stand upon, they never will pass on!"


You Will Come / Darkseed

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