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Serenitys Desire

I see this coming curse a raid

I am the moon that hides behind the clouds

And the one beam that glows through to shine away from you

My will is stronger than pain

Or do I force myself on what I cannot have?

This must be how I ll end my greatest challenge

This is where choice begins to fall behind

My dying wish that will be forgotten for you

And the way I regain my strength

To give up once again

The way I lost faith in tomorrow

And found a desire for serenity

I dread another dawn

One that will show my misery

She sees my confinement

With her radiant eye and soaring heart

My destiny has been deprived

For her soul is weeping distantly

A presence that belongs to the sky

You're falling apart

You're falling away from this time

You're falling apart

I would follow the light till dusk carries her away

Where life has no reason

And distance is all that I see past my pointing finger

Time has faded within every eclipse

And left me alone to a cold, cold world

Together they dance under the universe

With hope and chance

With change and peace

Now I've lost my desire

Fading out as far as my eyes can see

This is alone

Falling slowly with the tragedy

And without the calm beside me

Help is on its way

The waves crash and drown my sorrow

Sinking further down than ever before


Distant times are coming this way

His heart beats in passion

He is here today

The rage inside is changing the shape of his fate


If I could reach the horizon I would tear it down

So I could see the stars forever

The cold rain is my sadness

And the tears that fall never-ending into

Serenitys Desire /

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