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Tear Soaked Ground

Gaze upon the sea of slain brothers

As the tears well up in her eyes

The agony of blood streams down the hillside

Our battle is not yet done

She sends her love to a warrior

Whose life is yet to be overcome?

His blade cuts the sky in might

We stand over his grave, as the rage dwells in our hearts, his memory lies within our steel!

Ride... brothers bearing all arms ride out of the black in glory

Blaze across the plains with horses of raging flame

Honor his blood

Our tears soak these grounds of our slain brothers

May the hawks oversee our victory


She awaits her lover's return

For she knows there will be no return!

Seasons crest on our lands

Rise with the hawk's wicked eye

Prey in stealth

Rise upon your lands

Enter to your domain

Bring back their heads in a bountiful flume

Present them with a grip of hate

She cries proud and glorious of her love

Forever we ride in spirit

Tear Soaked Ground /

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