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From The Moons Mist We Arise


Dawn is the illusion as we conquer this realm of the lies

Dawn is when they find their feeble king after the battle, his realm drawn his blood

Arise brothers of the night, for our blades gleam in the moonlight

We are the power that gathers us here, masters, knights gather for the bloodfeast

We arise! Sons of war

Masters who conquer let him die upon your feet

Blood on our swords!

I see no end to our bloodshed

Conquer this realm!

Kill them all, make them all suffer eternally

Knights in the battle, gather

So you think you are mighty

Unleash all your rage

Come draw your arms, battle might, conquering the enemy, I see die!

Magical war!

Let our blades be stronger, stronger than universe, unconquered

All of them conquered and down

Let them die in pain

See his blood drain from his neck, and die with demons

All falling down to honour the massacre

The untold story

The doom of a weapon drawn to the neck, count the seas of glory

The doors are seething to conquer, enemies arise our land is soiled

To doom a land is call for all to be dying!


Allow the blood to flow freely

The blood

May we enter, to our own knights

Arise bloodline now enter war

Lies is the germ on our lands, fly amongst the storm

And in the battle we will conquer

Cleanse the soil, take them down!

From The Moons Mist We Arise /

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