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 Darkest Hour Darkest Hour Американская металкор-группа

Messiah Complex

I saw the world die a little today,

just to feel the wealth of decay,

just so you can know what it feels like,

what the tears taste like

We owe it all to the sickness inside,

we owe it all to the fears we`ve learned to hide,

we belong where traitors can tocuh the divine,

where the uniforgiven can send us a sign

Was it the symptom,

or was it the sickness,

or was it one last try,

our only weakness,

falling face first,

tears stinging down your cheek,

drowning face first,

a haven for the wretched the cursed

Only the lonely

We belong where fires can seer this from our eyes

Darkest Hour

Messiah Complex / Darkest Hour

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