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 Slayer SlayerАмериканская трэш-метал группа.

Ghosts Of War

Fate silent warriors sleeping souls will rise.
Once forgotten soldiers come to life.
Fallen marcenary, dormancy is done,
Not content with wars we never won.

Memories can't ignore.
Anguish of before.
Satisfy the scorn.
Rise ghosts of war.

Target assassinate, time of your life has expired.
Hatred victimize, gaze in their eyes as they die.
Violence inflicting of pain, savage morticians deny
Drive the salt in the wound, arouse the subconsicious to lie.

Leads: Hanneman, King, Hanneman


I deal in pain.
All life I drain.
I dominate.
I seal your fate.
I deal in pain.
All life I drain.
Memories can't ignore,
Rise ghosts of war.


Ghosts Of War / Slayer

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