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 Dark Tranquillity Dark Tranquillityрок-группа

Atome Heart 2435

Music: Sundin, Johansson, Henriksson

Words: Sundin

Still alive

all knowing eye

beneath your stream of words

your rapid stream of words

Though none will

ever live to share

the radiant streato

the promised hues

from which your picture fell

Re-seal the components from atom hearts

Revert, non-owner of worlds

As uncommunication becomes the manifest

our alien, architectural skeletons in unison collapse

Death rode these silent caravans

and steered them to the rim of the world.

Their diaries and withered letters

all devoted to the art of lying

The enterprise, academy

the crafts held in our hands

all devoted to the art of dying

No room to arrange

the final row of masks

drenched in chameleon-ink

for the grand charade

The tongues that burn in you

the slowly altered language

that colonised your heartland

advanced through broken doors

And they still believe you

They seem to see

so many things

hooked in your pestilent eye

Your stale lids, your iris punctured

by tongues licking a lie

The enterprise, wolvenlore

the cursed seed of man

plunged through the tunnels of uncreation

We reach out to move the landmark,

hands seeping down from the chronicles of time

The quill now blunt

the scribe devoured

Dark Tranquillity

Atome Heart 2435 / Dark Tranquillity

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