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 Dark Tranquillity Dark Tranquillityрок-группа


Cowardice, this chain of events

Gather and plot the ensnaring of me (ensnaring)

Gone now the sense of lust

Is there a cost for the reckless excess?

Taken in the growth and trust

Retalitory strike at the weakest spot

Raked away the remains of my fall

That laid scattered cross plains of regret

Humble in defence of the wicked

Run down, naked and blind

Merciless, the onslaught of demands

Get in line for the numbning

I won_t make a stand

Redeemer of the slavery

Reconcile with the carefree and content

Ensnarer, caretaker

Lead not these the frail into battle again

Crossing out the ramblings of others

Tired of the same old refrain

Knowing this will all be corrected

Torn down, wasted and lost

I can_t take it anymore _cause i am rundown

Can_t take it anymore _cause this is wrong

Tired and rundown

Spat it out

The foolish lines you fed

It holds a place in the civilized mind

Forcefed, the turn of our venturesome quest

Being rundown as we seek

The day this was lost

All that you see

All that_ll be


Dark Tranquillity

Rundown / Dark Tranquillity

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