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 Dark Tranquillity Dark Tranquillityрок-группа

Ego Drama

Wrestled on its back

The ego showed his face

Charged up, recieving

Came out knowing

Hopeless intrusion

Where nothing can be found

Strewn, the seeds were wasted

On the innocent in awe

Fruitless connection

In the ripeness of his age

Drawn and thrust in anger

The dagger once again will fail

It_s over

If nothing comes along

It_s over for you

So in denial stand where shame is not

And unto others fall

The blame, the guilt,

The others fault

Come on now-

Scratch and claw with all your strength

Take on the wildest bull in the horde

Come burn them fingers fast

And take back what they owe

Return the safety where there was none...

Dark Tranquillity

Ego Drama / Dark Tranquillity

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