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The Dividing Line


dance the dividing line

We shall burn the earth

we shall burn our lives

For the tallest tree shall battle most

the wind it leaves the week behind

The storm that you've denied me

shall force your world to fall

Your castles made to tremble

with foundation based upon a lie

The storm that you've denied me

sweep the undivided truth

His mind shall not of thoughts be tempted

nor words can heal his bleeding scars

We must burn our minds

Colours collide with the words of his beliefs

Bring back the storm of distant years

Tumbling, trembling as there is no waking up

there is no dividing line as logic now fails

Stream upwards, rage against them all

Speak of words hidden in your song

mere mortals strive for strength in numbers

there is no dividing line

As the writer defies the empty page

the empty mind its feed shall seek

Pass on to the frail and mindless

now what sanity discards

The storm shall sweep the weak of heart

and tear your castles down

Crush the very foundations

on which your faith is based

Torn across the dividing line

Dark Tranquillity

The Dividing Line / Dark Tranquillity

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