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To A Bitter Halt

Faintly arisen tenderly torn

Dreamlike decision, unconsciously born

Firm in conviction yet tempt me they can

Deny me of trust and a demon i hide

A drive to be less than the fortunate

A dream in the casket of eden

Crave that which you do not desire

Cling tightly to your deepest fear

I rose the greatest monument

Again and again

I bear the greatest treasure

Of time and a word

Treson spilt on the loneliest of graves

Desperation dealt the losing hand again

Wherein lie the purpose of the day?

s there return in sadness?

Does your ceiling differ much from mine

Where we see each other

Here in this light

Is that pillow more than a frame

That holds the chaos fast?

Now his hand a fist

Gain control

Silence fell and eyes now widened

Filling up the strength collapsing

Capable of the ending froze in the tracks

Brought to a bitter halt

On the floor it seems the steps are showing

Left a print just like it did in me

What has been and what will be

Never care 'cause i was in between

As i said with on efoot in loneliness

You hide here in me

Dark Tranquillity

To A Bitter Halt / Dark Tranquillity

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