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 Dark Tranquillity Dark Tranquillityрок-группа


Gentle storm thundering silence

Inferior force uncontrolled calm

Vital unlike logicchaoslogic

The tone of which his birth ascend

The beat that of a heart descend

Repeating in the infinite

An insight made it clear

Order stormed the surface

Where chaos set norm

Had there always been balance?

... surely not

Therein lies the beauty

It was solid

Yet everchanging

It was different

Yet the same

So i starve myself for energy

The song around his soul will bend

The notes that in this hole will melt

Crawl out of science

A dreamland if you dear

Disorder clawed the boundaries

We're ordered to stand clear

Was it always different

... never the same?

Therein lies the beauty

It was solid ... [see above]

As there were no witnesses

There was nothing to be told

As nothing could be grasped

The story could unfold

Superimposed on the elemtens of anger

fear anxiety hate despair remorse

So break from all that fear hold fast

Exposed now turn to all you lack

Let echoes be the answers

Return from all the screams

Wordless now the last attack

So silent it hurts to listen

Was it always solid

... to never change?

Therein lies the beauty

Dark Tranquillity

Therein / Dark Tranquillity

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