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 Dark Tranquillity Dark Tranquillityрок-группа

Scythe, Rage and Roses

Fast fading roses

Non-lingering words

Scythe be my instrument

Through dreams I now rage

No guidance is me offered

No forgiveness thee is promised

Now can distance be a factor

when engraved in me thou art?

Nourished by the soul my flame

shall serve to torch the earth

Denial serves me

Denial serves me right

That fire cannot burn

with flames of no origin

That star cannot bring guidance

without force or form

One is darkness

The other silence

Without silence the darkness

loses its splendour

Sweet bliss that sleep now giveth

tempt with forgetful night

Ever haunting that image within

swear to the answers denied

Dark Tranquillity

Scythe, Rage and Roses / Dark Tranquillity

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