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 Dark Tranquillity Dark Tranquillityрок-группа

Void Of Tranquillity

In orbit they pass around you - the memories from abandoned past

Images from within your mind bring unknown feelings into your veins

Delve into thy twillight past, a voyage done before

The borderland 'twixt life and death - existing evermore

Emerging from material guise - an ever-living soul

Thy spirit lives forever more, in spite of aim or goal

The forces of your vital mind deteriates vagely

as you're about to pass away The darkness that

surrounds you fades...

You reach out to touch, to feel the eternal

forgivness for thy impure soul

Desperation fills your mind - approach the centre

Centre of infernal salvation and infernal death

Enter to the plain of life, to knowledge loomed through time

An ever-living certainty where life is formed to chime

Foolishness and wisdom walk gently hand hand in hand

Embraced in darkest universe as contraries blend as one

Fear fills your mind on this ongoing journey

journey to a thousand secrets untold

Credlous at first to this place of wonder

Wonder's so real - it could be an illusion

Through dark veils of destiny - Realm of shades revealed

Through dark veils of destiny - Infinite life concealed

Your soul now levitates slowly and below your body fades

Your conciousness remains but thy skin will soon rot away

Visions from an obscure rality appear as your soul departs

This once so undisturbed and now frail and feeble world

Brought forth, the abyss now appears -

foulmouthed temptations call me near

Dark visions laughing over me - if swollowed I will cease to be

Tempted to this world beyond - eager to break the bond

The sacred promise of an earthly stay - now broken as you writhe in dismay

Come to where all

Dark Tranquillity

Void Of Tranquillity / Dark Tranquillity

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