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The Treason Wall

Let me tell you about the loss of all

the failing of all that we hold dear

Wrapped up nicely in ourselves

Chaos resolves

that which order defiles

Worthless lives

are ordered blind

I don't believe

Taste and you will see

that all belongs to me

I don't believe

I won't believe

I raise my hand against it all

for those who don't recognize the call

Will the sense to overcome these nestled walls

Going to break it down

Let me nail you to the treason wall

stab the night and the day from your sight

And set the thought to flame

Feeble devout

nothing resides

Break it to pieces

that obstinate mind

I raise my fist to hold the line

Against those who set themselves on high

Going to break it down

Dark Tranquillity

The Treason Wall / Dark Tranquillity

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