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Single Part Of Two

"Come with me," he said and erased it from his mind

"be with me now," but of love we are frightened stiff

We'd rather leave and head for the skies

than say all the right words too soon

"And I never thought you would

But always knew you could"

"We take off from here," and in that

instant nothing remained of what was

whereas the soul provides, freedom

narrowed down for the taking

"I never wanted you to lie

-never needed fragments of your day"

A broken promise made,

to always come around

-never to stay

And as tired as clichs come

did not expect nor frown upon

lighter hearts have taken bait

Sweetened words now with bitter taste

A distance kept that never fails to close us in

and forget the days that still linger on

inside the single part of two

We'd rather leave no trace and not look back

Than face the anxiety here and now

Dark Tranquillity

Single Part Of Two / Dark Tranquillity

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