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 Dark Tranquillity Dark Tranquillityрок-группа

Monochromatic Stains

There is this face in the still water

I can't remember ever wearing

Like fingerprints on your heart

Reading out the last lines of code

To the untrained eye a secret

I bled away the last of you

Sought trust in shapes of combined results

that trickles from a less than solid case

Fought off attacks of resurfaced lust

Burn the gracing grounds

What will give in first

the body or the lash

Monochromatic stains

Who will cave in first

the leader or the fake

Monochromatic stains

This pile of ashes of a soul

informant pokes abound

These sickly little fingers

Get away from me

Tread not the path of least restraint

each piece of evidence a lie, a lie

The body, the face all items in place

I don't remember a thing

A sacrifice made to the loss of mind

Folly a man's demise

Track now the stains that allow my fall

sickening, the sight of it all

Never shall I claim my innocence

I just was not there

Dark Tranquillity

Monochromatic Stains / Dark Tranquillity

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