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 Dark Tranquillity Dark Tranquillityрок-группа

My Faeryland Forgotten

Labyrinth of time...

Mine alone for now and ever more

(I'm all alone...)

...and I flew

above sepulchral monoliths,

nebulously dancing beneath the dew

(Of morning, in ye twilightland of old)

Abiding teardrops borne by thorns,

thine fragments I twine true

(In mourning, stream adorned in rage untold)

...flow adorned in rage untold

Eternal - forever - more

And they'll forever grow

and hold in heart what springs anew

From the shadowsglades unwitnessed

which light the flames

from deep within where we all grew

...Everlasting ember-glow

Labyrinth of Time,

in harmony confined

Thus the dark heat from

beyond the stars

engulfed a world of fear still robed in ice

A throne in fire dies...

Pulsating through the skies

He who wore the gown

shall drown the "Reich of tears" in cries

Enthroned in fire dies...

A kingdom's last demise

And I know...

The ardent hearth midst life and death

won't end my journey morrowless

(I won't laugh in mirth all sorrowless)

Come, fly afloat on a wave of emotions,

of crestfallen scorn

Oh, this my whirlwind of darkness

a tide I once lulled but alas now withdrawn

Now...hand in hand with sorrow

towards the still, perpetual seas

Into the tranquil depths of solitude

in bliss my spirit flees

Through the wind I will go

To my twilightland, alone

Where sanctuary is mine

Within my throneworld, my labyrinth of time

And he who is the God

of an infinite shape and faces,

ever weaving fates of life

upon the pattern of his traces

In the Golden Dawn of Winter

he'll stand risen from the night

in serenity all so

Dark Tranquillity

My Faeryland Forgotten / Dark Tranquillity

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