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The Hordes Of Nebulah

Scent of (the) Flying Shadows

are in the Eyes of the Vast Uranus

for these Eyes have seen

the horses of the Universe fade away

Oh, Father (the) Fog of Nebula

your faithful children have escaped

The Walls of Eternity

The Elders Curse-

like Snow of the Solstice of the Sun

and what the Eyes of Uranus can see

Far Yonder in the Shade of the Walls

was happening Milleniums ago

So whatever lies Beyond the Gate

It lies in the Past

Oh, We are the Hordes of Nebula

having Travelled through an Eternal Sea of Void

we glance upon a distant light

Star in the Far; Ye Mighty Sun

Will you Die before We reach you?

Are you a Fatal result of the Laws of Distance?

The Swords of Time are pointing at our Hearts

The grass here seems Raped-

as we face Eternal Misery

[Lyrics by Fenriz, Ca 199091]

The Hordes Of Nebulah /

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