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The Kings Sword

There was (an) ancient age, of the warrior, of the sage

In a remote time, when bards sang their epic rhymes

There is a gloomy land, where no lord or king stands

Where misery reigns, peace and justice are in vain

A king must arrive, the most valiant knights strive

(To) draw Excalibur from its dream in (the) stone's core

It's Merlin's command be removed by a young hand

Before the knight's ring, a boy becomes Arthur the King

Arthur knew greed in kingdom, pain and sorrow he will feel

After the war his former foes kneel

Honour, fairness and wisdom on the Round Table are the rule

In Camelot, are free lords and fools

The search for the Grail, just the purest of the males

To see it has the right among all Arthur's knights

Endless was the quest because no one passed the test

And the treason came, Loyal Lancelot was his name

Arthur knew (the) lie in Camelot, pain and sorrow in his soul

Culprits must pay for playing so foul

But the king's heart is crying

His kingdom and dream are blown away

But his sword will live, forever will stay

The king's sword... from the stone

The king's sword... he is alone

With it he'll be lord... it rules again

The king's sword... it's all in vain

Dark Moor

The Kings Sword / Dark Moor

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