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The Shadow Of The Nile

Legends always say

The dark one makes his play

With uncautious men

Lie in his name

From inner egypt came

Don't fear his word

Don't go to his den

The strange dark one to whom the fellahs bowed

Silent and lean cryptically proud

Worming into your mind

Driver you mad

Like the snake which can find

What is bad

Biting with sharp teeth

Your frail reason

Scratching in your mind beneath

Frantic crowds are under his commands

Wild beasts follow him and lick his hands

The shadow of the Nile

Who gnaws your soul

The bright of black smile

That your mind stole

The shadow of the Nile

In desert storms

The old one who beguiles

Takes diverse forms

Through the mindless void

He leads you

Claws he had deployed

He bleeds you

"The messenger I am

Know the fate:

There is not peace in the gate"

Dark Moor

The Shadow Of The Nile / Dark Moor

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