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Magic Land

In the wood while elves their instruments play

Sing about (a) place far away

On the black hill when the dwarfs carve the stone

Tell about the wizard's home

Beyond the white hills

Plying the gold sea

You'll see (the) way begins

(If) you want to see (the) sign

You must use your mind

And follow the wind


Run to the magic land

Where all has begun

Run to the magic land

Magic is waiting for you

The acolytes direct their steps just there

But they must always beware

Because only the best one can survive

Where others will lose their life

It can be unreal, or it can be real

Search in your mind

(f) you follow the clue

You'll know that it's true

And the doors will shine


Mater of wizards aid me to understand

(The) secrets of (the) moon and the sun

Teach me the strength and the essence of the spell

Powers of heaven and hel

If you place your hand

Over the markede sand

We'll begin the rite

Earth, water and fire

And air we desire

Magic will be right


Dark Moor

Magic Land / Dark Moor

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