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Dark Storm After The Light

It's Over My Broken Rage

It's Over

From My Vanish Life

Take Me, I Run To You

And Show Me Your Beauty Side

And Save Me

With Your Sacrifice

And Dance, Dance For My Soul

Dance For My Eyes

Deceive Me Again

Change, Change All My Thoughts

Kill Other Dreams

Rule All My Sense

And Take Me Home.

Dark Moon Before The Sun

And Prayers From Gothic Nights

Relive Me

After The Cry

Lead Me In Other Time

I Feel You A Part Of Me


From My Rising Dreams

And Fly, Fly On My Cold

Fly For My Life

Deceive Me Again

Change, Change Other Thoughts

Rule All My Days

Untill The End

Let The Curtain Fall

Rumours Move In The Past

When Safety Has Lost The Way

The Nightmare

It's Only Revenge

Magic Veils Are Flying On Me

And Their Eyes Embrace The Truth

They Tell Lies

But I Feel In My World

Dance, Dance Through The Mist

Dance For My Mind

I Don't Want The Light

Wax, Angels Of Wax

I Can't Live Nomore

I Can't Dream Nomore

Can You Dance For Me ?

I Trust In Your Blackened Soul

I'm Walking In Misty Garden

Your Name Is Madness

Your Children The Dolls

Wax, Angels Of Wax

I Can't Live Nomore

I Can't Dream Nomore

Without My Dolls

...Can You Dance For Me ?...

Dark Lunacy

Dolls / Dark Lunacy

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