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 Slayer SlayerАмериканская трэш-метал группа.

Silent Scream

Nightmare, the persecution
A child dream of death.

Torment, ill forgotten
A soul that will never rest.

Guidance, it means nothing
In a world of brutual time.

Electric, circus, wild,
Deep in the infants mind.

Silent scream
Bury the unwanted child.
Beaten and torn
Sacrifice the unborn.

Shattered, adolescent child
Bearer of no name.

Restrained, insane games
Suffer the children condemned.

Scattered, remnants of life,
Murder a time to die.

Pain, sufferaged toyed,
Life's little fragments destroyed.

Silent scream
Crucify the bastard son.
Beaten and torn
Sanctify lives of scorn

Lead: King, Hanneman

Life preordained
Humanity maintained.
Extraction termination
Pains agonizing stain.

Embrionic death,
Embedded in your brain.
Suffocation, strangulation,
Death is fucking you insane

Nightmare, the persecution
A childs dream of death

Torment, ill forgotten
A soul that will never rest
Innocence withdrawn in fear
Fires burning can you hear
Cries in the night.


Silent Scream / Slayer

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