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Look into my mind, tell me what you see, what you find

Can somebody tell me what's happening this time?

I don't know

I break it down again, losing control

With these demons inside still pulling at my soul.

Still reaching for my coat, I choke and black out

Without a lung to pump anymore oxygen out.

Am I doomed on the Earth with these ??? symptoms

Cause your church won't grant the dead an exorcism.

[Violent J:]

Let me get two turntables and a microphone

Black rain, bloody murder means spike your dome

Why, I, don't know why

Pressure released from my head when you die

(Ali Baba)

Empty pill bottles on the shelf

Got this hunger and a sexual drive to end your health.

Fucking aches (ouch)

You gotta die, I'm sorry but you gotta die.

[Chorus x2:]

Come with me, right into the edge of your mind

We're standing on the edge and ready to die

The shit is about to jump off, and I'm about to jump off, damn

Then when the soul around I'm a jump again.


Fall in through emotion and passing through memories

Descending into dark with my hands in front of me

Waving and screaming, falling like a way through Hell

What's at the bottom? I don't know

But I'll find out when I get there

Hands grabbing at me, but I'm dodging them all

Slicing each and every wrist with my hatchet as I fall

And if I reach the bottom with my life intact,

I'm a climb right to the top and go right back and do it again.


If you can see what I was thinking then no one would have to die

It would be as simple as looking inside of my mind

And through time all the pressure has come to a head

And I release it on the innocent and leave 'em for dead

Jump-Off /

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