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Bitch Im Sexy


Do you wan't me?

Do you wan't me?

Cause I'm famous

I'm famous

Is that right?

That's right



Get tea bagged!

On your face!




[Jamie Madrox:]

Bitch I'm the sexiest killa you know

Come equiped with an axe and some love handles

Vampire out of the water, straight to land

Can a killa that you know fuck you better than I can?

If you say that they could bitch, you's a lie

You must of never had a juggalo between your thighs

Didn't like the fat kid that was cutting your lawn

Now your giving head shots for your favorite song

[Shaggy 2 Dope:]

So bitch you think I'm se-xy

And you want my wi-lly

Then you best expect me

To slap you in your fu-cking mouth

Oh that's right bitch you like killas in disguise

Sure I'll fuck, but don't expect to loose a lot

I'll make sweet love to the neden of a juggalette

A fake bitch out for props gets her neck wet


Baby am I se-xy

Tell me am I se-xy

Baby am I se-xy

Tell me am I se-xy

Baby am I se-xy

Tell me am I se-xy

Baby am I se-xy

Tell me am I se-xy

[Blaze Ya Dead Homie:]

What up young bitch, I know you like dick

Drop to your knees and tell me what you think

As my dick slides up, in and out your face

11 years dead punk bitch fuck bitch how it taste?

Lay your ass down and close your eyes

Imagine dead dick between your thighs

Can't nobody do it quite like this

I might be dead but I'm sexy bitch!

[Monoxide Child:]

Bitch I can't front, in the days of no pain

I still had the game to put your face on fame


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