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If Only

For now this shallow grin means nothing

Vacant as I've found that exceptions too run away

What good are words

When you don't know what is meant?

And what good are memories

Of times we never spent?

What good is ink

When the written cannot be said?

And what good is life

When you wish that you were dead?


Suburban swings now hang so still since that night

That night...if only

Five days without sunlight

Without sunshine

The walls tend to come alive

Taunt you and your greying flesh

Water will not take the stench away

Shut your mouth now, and say nothing

As your breath dooms the doves to fall limp from the sky

Shut your eyes now, quiet child

As your bar codes are being exposed

To see this breath, this steam

In the December air

To see this look of endless compassion

To lie to you

Cry to you

Die in your arms and I swear this time

If Only /

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