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Null Response (Lost Transmission)

The acidic taste still rapes my tounge

The metallic torrent still rings true in my ears

Unable to open my being to a soul

Unwilling to share this out of regret and fear

Here I stand with my eyes clenched shut

Apathy is therapy until pried open

By this subtle perfection

By this sullen reflection

By disbelief in intention

Cleansed by the doubt that now consumes me

I swore I could feel

My blood falls like glass

My eyes open at last

Chokes the sky with my blood

Drowns the world in my blood

Teaches me as a boy

Nothing is free but death

Why must I question this

Until another day, I maintin that

My kindness is naught but a cross I must bear

The pleasure of finding the flaw

In these halls of anger

In these halls of anguish

Time allots for the chance to take

That I

Will take in time

Unless it's passed me by

And I'm about to be stung

I've lived long enough to know it only lurks in fairy tales

Addiction to a situation

It's setting in, I'm giving in

Deprivation now comprable to pissing


Fucking nails

I witness my own death

Every time I see your face

Staring at me blankly with

It's apathetic eyes

I hide

Every facet of this realm

Tearing from this inner womb

The worm of adolescence

Squirming in it's ashen grave

What of this scent

What of this vision

If this is love

If this is love

How can it be real

Null Response (Lost Transmission) /

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