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Hunger Of The Undead

I walk through deaths' door

I'm frightened to see

A determined fate is not in store for me

No light in the tunnel

Or brimstone awaits

Return to the earth

A reincarnate

My life

Meant others had to suffer in my wake

My hatred proved too much for god to take

My soul is set to live in disrespect

Karmas' retribution - lifes' reject

Is what I'm meant to be

An outcast from society??

A laughing stock - as I walk the earth

Vindication laughs at my rebirth

Or will I be a victim of the thing

Commonly known as eternity??

Eternally black

In limbo I'm trapped

In silence I sound a plea

Light is no more

I feel not a thing

Undead, I need to break free


The silence deafens all the unheard screams

The darkness rips away all the unseen dreams

Numbmess shrouds my soul I'm left to roam

Paralysis now my only home

Spiritual planes do not exist

Life in this realm I will resist

And break these bonds - These chains that lock my soul

Watch my growing fire burst through the wall

I need to grasp the earthen world again

Onto the realm of humans I'll ascend


Of the undead

Now if my soul is mine then why will you not let it be free??

I wonder

When this will all end

To live in this shell makes me laugh at religious disease

Who'd think that

There's no hell or heaven??

Only an abscence of god and no satan supposedly fell

A spirits'


Is the proof of no heaven or merciless torment of hell...

I walk through lifes' door

I'm frightened to see

A determined fate is now in store for me

A leper I stand-a

Dark Angel

Hunger Of The Undead / Dark Angel

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