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 Dark Angel Dark Angelгруппа, играющая в стиле трэш

Darkness Descends

The world now stands ancient, showing her age

Antique, senile, archaic

Peroration impending, not one to assuage

The human remnants of earth

Pandemic winds chill the soul

Eradication of the will

Nihilism extracts its toll

Frightening the meekly servile

Sacrosanct, the religious ones

Are fast becoming extinct

Choatic precursors of what will befall

Permeate the night air

The fear of the end preys on the minds

Of all the soon-to-be dead

With death at the hands of a hideous fiend

A grisly fate to comprehend


This city is guilty

The crime is life

The sentence is death

Darkness descends


Internal combustion, plutonic rage

The bodies create their own hell

The flame from within, unleashed from its cage

Purging the great sins of all

Admissions of guilt are all that are sought

By judges who have twisted laws

The quick abrogation of the populace

Striking with great enmity

Listing the ways in which we will die

As the prophets claim we will soon

Self-immolation that unjustified

Stygian shores ahead loom

The coffins are ready, the death warrant signed

Depression has swiftly set in

Inimical powers against humankind

This charnelhouse ensanguined


This city is guilty

The crime is life

The sentence is death

Darkness descends


Decaying, the ruins fall swift to the ground

The carnage is morbid and great

Mephitic deathstench of corpses abound

The earth meets an untimely fate

The horrific malignance, spreading its wings

Across the expanse of the sky

Contamination and all that it brings

The judges commit genocide

Retaliation, a useless ploy

We've gaz

Dark Angel

Darkness Descends / Dark Angel

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