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 Dark Angel Dark Angelгруппа, играющая в стиле трэш

Black Prophecies

Back when man had not care for the past

And little hope for the future

A man who stood out in the annals of time

To tell of the actions to come

The uncanny words of a clinical mind

Turn of centuries bore his truth

A mysterious being with a curious gift

Nostradamus - chosen one

His talent for reaching with a gaze

Into the future unknown

Conclusions drawn from inner haze

As the seeds of time were sewn

The fires, the plagues, the "men of blood"

Foretold by prophetic eye

Scourges upon lands he never stood

Predicting our race to die

Seeing the days

Of hideous plague

When nature released disease upon human race

The damage was done

Black death had won

Pestilence, the start of armageddon

Torment and fire

London expired

The English lands became a massive funeral pyre

Ruinous blaze

The city was razed

Due to the great London's fire, life was denied

Now the people today understand and take heed

His truthful words of the future they've seen

The one who knew

Where we'd stand

In centuries ahead of where he roamed the land

He'd seen the fear

Upon the earth

Hatred, death, and pain, four-hundred years worth

A witness to


And evil warmongers insanity

His written words

Upon the page

Black prophecies!!!

Nostradamus envisioned saviours of hate

To reign subservient mass

Attempting to alert us before it's too late

We witnessed the evil that passed

We watched all the wretched torment inflicted

And shook our heads with grief

And understood then what the seer predicted

Beyond our conscious belief

At war with a sick brain, Hitler was known

To render a massive injustice


Dark Angel

Black Prophecies / Dark Angel

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