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 Dark Age Dark Ageметалл-группа

Suicide Crew

Save your souls

We are a new kind of nightmare

Your falling children

Born to show that we don't care

Helpless protest with a weak intention

is our gift to achieve attention

Our loaded guns need no faked liberty

Will blow away our painful misery

Welcome the ones

That know the only way

To show this world

How to get away

We are the Suicide Crew

Save our souls

This is a god damned nightmare

Where are the ones who show

that they do care?

We kill our cries with a wrong intention

Our broken dreams need

the world's attention

Ignored and seen as useless casualties

can't be the way to better possibilities

Accept the truth

This is our destiny

We are the youth

Awaiting your reality ...

Dark Age

Suicide Crew / Dark Age

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