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Trial by Fire

The sarcastic demise is calling

For the fragile souls of our times

Sensitive senseless mourning

From the ones who gave up their lives

Revolution for self evolution

Their deaths should attract

the one and only solution

Despising the world by learning

Their dreams set free

while this fertile burning...

Decaying mind fall nation

They were fighting

the world's soul devastation

Aware their last prepare

Farewell letters with fuel stench

in the air

Pain, hate, body and soul

Nothing should ever take control

Burning for the new beginning

The angels had stopped

their inaudible singing...

And when your life is ending here

The alternative is near

Welcome the change

Welcome the change

That will take your fear...

Go now, burn now baby

This is revolution, honey

Go now, burn now baby

Go and kill the nation honey

Cries against the lies

Helpless tries to open their eyes

Rise for a world that dies

Accept the size of it's demise

Trial by fire

The burner's desire

Their suicides live in me

Go, try your self with fire

Live your desire

And kill what breaks in us...

Dark Age

Trial by Fire / Dark Age

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