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Анита Дарк Анита ДаркФотомодель и актриса фильмов для взрослых венгерского происхожения

Dark Clouds Rising

After the sunset, cold winds blowing

Dark clouds are rising over raging seas

Deceptive silence - one of the signs

Desperation and the embrace of fear

An approaching flood

A lightning and pouring rain

The cyclone is coming again

Now run for your life

A black tongue from out of heaven

Is dancing over valleys

Absorbing everything

Uncomparable fear,

When minutes seem like hours

Natural forces out of control

And in the eye of the cyclone

The silence is still reigning

A celestial oasis of peace and hope

The desperation and the anger

The sadness and the fear

The devastation and the weakness

The turmoil and despair

Will there be a tomorrow

When the storm is gone

One day the dark clouds will rise again

Анита Дарк

Dark Clouds Rising / Анита Дарк

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