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Стяпонас Дарюс Стяпонас ДарюсЛитовский летчик

Simple Like The Truth

I love you. You love me

But you never say that to me,

I want you. You want me

So how come I don't believe?

It's in the way you kiss my face,

And in your every move...

Won't you tell me something

Simple Like the truth -

Even if it isn't "I love you"?

Won't you let me know your heart,

And lay me down...

Is it so hard to tell me?

"It's nothing,

Don't be stupid,"

How come you always

Say that to me?

"It's alright, take it easy,"

But easy is so hard to be...

It's in the way you

Brush me by,

The way that you make love...


It's not that I'm weak

Baby I can't take it,

It's not that I'm blind -

I can see you fake it...

If you only knew what I'm going thru -

Then you'd find the words to whisper

Or you'd find the strength to leave...


I watch you. You're reading

But baby you're so hard to read.

I love you. You love me

But you never say that to me...

Стяпонас Дарюс

Simple Like The Truth / Стяпонас Дарюс

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