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Стяпонас Дарюс Стяпонас ДарюсЛитовский летчик

Dive In

So what's it all about?

I can't work you out...

There's a chemistry between us Getting hard to disguise -

Still you're holding back,

Some kind of panic attack -

Treading water when you

Really should be turning the tide...

Don't spend a lifetime waiting,

Don't tell me no -

Just let go...

If you want it, then you got it -

Don't let this moment pass you by,

Take a long shot,

Give it all you got -

You'll never know unless you try,

You can only sink or swim,

Baby, just dive in...

So what's the worse thing

That could be happening?

(You test the water and you

find that it's a little too hot)

But I'm imagining,

The taste of salt on your skin -

Make your move, you gotta choose - Are you ready or not?

Don't waste a lifetime waiting,

You know its now -

So turn around...


Just dive in, just dive in...

Let's dive in -

Into the blue; Into the deep;

Into the mood tonight

Dive In...


Come with me -

Let's dive in...

Стяпонас Дарюс

Dive In / Стяпонас Дарюс

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