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This Was Pompeii

I am thinking about a woman in the century of peace

On a bright mosaic she is washing on her knees

And she looks up at the black sky beyond the mountain tall

She says "oh good, the rain is finally going to fall today"

This was Pompeii

And everyone has memories from the night that melted stone

The neighbour's nightgown, the screaming on the phone

And the tired man at the station says "we can't tell who's alive

All we ever know is that the tourists survive"

"Tra la la, tra la la, let's go" they say

"Let's go Pompeii"

And I think about Pompeii when I feel an end is near

Just before the rain and everytime you disappear

And I think about a teacup suspended and half-served

ANd all the scholars know is that it's perfectly preserved

"Oh, oh, oh, oh" that's all they say

This was Pompeii

And as for my own kingdom, not a table leg was charred

I simply lost my kingdom cause I held it much too hard

Once I had a sadness, the sadness turned to trust

The trust turned into ashes and to lawyers and to dust

A century, a day

This was Pompeii, this was Pompeii

This Was Pompeii /

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