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 Danzig Danzigметалл-группа


Enter those eyes split back opals

There within eros is manifest

Dark and light soul sworn to no one

Both it's your game and you know it

I like you lots now, I like you better

Walking your catgirls in leashes and leather

I watch you curl up into a circle

Symbol of eternity, wicked pussycat

My fall is starting

Six foot pussycat, I like the way you swing your tail

Big black witch cat, yes, you cast a real strong spell

Feline succubus, got your fangs inside her throat

Wicked pussycat, got your girlslaves all in tow

Six foot oni cat, I like the way you lick your fur

Evil kittykat, what's it take to hear you purr


Unendlich / Danzig

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