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Mango Kid

All you pretty ladies pass me by and turn your heads

But when I get onstage you can't take your eyes off me

I say too little too late I'm walking on

You find another pretty boy to turn you on

I got my name on the line

My eyes on the prize

(Let me tell you)

You want to know my name I'm the Mango Kid

All you fellas look me up and down and cop my style

But when I see you at the club you can't look me in the eye

It's OK if you wanna look and take, take, take

Just make sure you credit the Kid who showed you how to shake


You can call me the Mango Kid but your girl calls me baby

I've been a rock prodigy since the age of 20

What comes outta this mouth ain't called boastin' it's just truthin'

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