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Feels Like A Hammer

Didn't go to school and I

Never been in a church

Those Social workers got me pinned up as the worst

I've always been a thief

Crime is my game

Sure, call the police

They know my name

Even tho' I'm trouble, kids look up to me

Gotta bust your bubble, nothin's for free

Got veins of wire, hey, got some speed

I'm bad luck, ain't worth a fuck

Here comes trouble

Yes, here comes trouble

And I'll make you see double

'Cause here comes trouble

When I walk up the street

Your mama locks the door

She don't want her little girl to fuck around with me no more

I bet you can smell me

From a mile away, yeah

Sure, take a straight look up

I make the buildings sway, yeah

I don't know where I went wrong

No, I don't know

Feels Like A Hammer /

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