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 Дана Интернешенл Дана ИнтернешенлПопулярная израильская поп певица-транссексуалка.

Magnuna (Crazy)

God doesn't forgive you!

Who are you? Where do you think I am?

Who do you think my husband is?

I'm a respectable lady

Watch out, officer

You're great

You're all thinking

I'm crazy

I'm not crazy!

I'm not crazy!


Nuna nuna not crazy

Bring me nuna from my father's house

Gulu gulu gali gulu

My name is Mimi, My name is Lulu


He he, say hi to the eggplant for me

You're all thinking

I'm crazy

Listen to me, blockhead

He he, I'm not crazy!

Okay...I'm crazy

Дана Интернешенл

Magnuna (Crazy) / Дана Интернешенл

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