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It's morning

And we've slept the night away

It happened

Now we can't turn back the hands of time

Yes we've stolen this moment

We've forgot about one simple fact

We both belong to someone else

As we slept the night away


As we lay

We forgot about tomorrow as we lay

As we lay

Didn't think about the price we had to pay

It's morning

And now it's time for us to say good-bye (good-bye)

(Good-bye, baby) you're leaving me

I know you gotta hurry home and face your wife

I would never never wanna hurt her (never, baby)

She would never ever ever understand

You belong to me for just one night

As we slept the night away


We should of captured all of our thoughts

But instead we got lost

In the second

In the minute

In the hour (in the hour, baby)

Fairytale /

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