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A tale forgotten long ago brought to life again

Ancient wisdom ancient lies

Horrid lullabies for the earth

Time will turn my prophecies into reality and it will lead the world astray

Death found the remedy for its enemy

Ifs too late the seize the day

Time and my malicious spells live In harmony

They await the hour set

Rapture of all that Is alive

The reaper will arrive to invert the hour glass

Oh uncreation

The evolution in reverse

Oh uncreation

The death of universe

His reflections on the end still unknown to man

Dark predictions dark cliches in this recital of doom

The world is aging backwards

The young remains the young

We all know tomorrow will be yesterday reborn

The time and space deserted will hold no life for man

We face these final hours to be buried in the past

Something Is wrong with the sky tonight

The clouds are darker than ever before

There is unrest in the stars alight

As if they warned me for the distant roar

The sun is descending

Nevermore to shine

Light is lost forever

We are the last in line

Uncreation /

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