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Meet Me In Montana

Meet Me In Montana

Wrote my whole life down in a notebook

Songs about you and me

Been singing to every soul in Tennessee

But nobody seems to listen

No one ever smiles the way that you do

So I guess youa?‚???‚?™ll never hear me on the radio

And Ia?‚???‚?™d give up this crazy dream of mine

To hold you once more


Wona?‚???‚?™t you meet me in Montana

I wanna see the mountains in your eyes

Whoa, whoa Ia?‚???‚?™ve all of this life I can handle

Meet me underneath that big Montana sky

When I left home for Hollywood

Looking for a part to play

Well you always said I had such a pretty face

But I guess Ia?‚???‚?™m not that pretty

a?‚???‚??Cause no one looks at me the way that you do

Well youa?‚???‚?™ll always be a movie star to me

And darlina?‚???‚?™ now I guess ita?‚???‚?™s time that I let

Go of that dream

(Repeat chorus)

Well, wea?‚???‚?™re stuck here in these hills

That they call mountains

But darlina?‚???‚?™ back home in your arms is right

Where I want to be

(Repeat chorus)

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